Changing number of staves in divisi


I find myself with an unexpected problem when changing divisi settings in the middle of a piece. I start off with the cellos divided into two staves, but at some point I need them to use four staves, due to the extensiveness of the music. Seemingly, this works fine: next system has indeed been divided into four. However, Dorico “adds” two staves, while my plan was to divide each of the initial staves into two. Differently put, the second of the two initial staves should expand into the third and fourth among the new ones.

So, looking at the picture the initial top stave should expand into the two top lines (unison in this case), and the initial bottom stave should expand into the two bottom lines (continuing the divisi).

Is this in any way possible to achieve?

Not automatically, but you can select the relevant material and press Alt/Opt-M to move it a staff down.

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