Changing object sizes in the GUI

Is it possible to reduce the size of icons/objects in the GUI?
This is particularly relevant for me re the size of the flow objects that are nearly 20mm square at the bottom of the window and because of their size limits the number of flows visible at any one time.

I’m afraid not at the moment, no, though we know that some users would prefer to be able to change the size of different parts of the interface, so we are thinking about how we might be able to achieve this in the future. Unfortunately it’s not trivial to do so.

Is there any move on fixing the waste of screen real estate with reduced flow icons?

Also, with smaller icons it might be possible to have two rows of flow icons reducing the need to move through screens to edit particular flows. A bit like page icon size control in Acrobat.

In the specific case of the Flows panel in Setup mode, I agree that the current design is not at all useful once you have more than about a dozen flows in a project, and we are thinking about how to increase its usability for projects with a large number of flows in the future. (I don’t think two rows is the answer, for what it’s worth.)

Thank you for the update.