Changing octave during keyboard input cancels accidentals


There is some probably unintended behavior during pc keyboard entry:
When you enter a note with a manually added accidental (say, Bb), the next note with the same note name (B) will not keep the accidental if you change the octave of an in-between note.

Two examples, one working, one not working:

  1. Bb, F, B - This B becomes a Bb again, because Dorico keeps the flat sign active in the measure. This is great.
  2. Bb, F, change F’s octave by ctrl+alt+up/down, B - Dorico adds a natural sign to the second B, ignoring that there already was a Bb earlier in the measure. This is somewhat surprising and feels like a bug to me.

Greetings, E.

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Dear Estigy,

I do not think that is a bug… the accidental is for the measure, and for the octave in which it has been added. I mean, if Dorico’s development team had chosen the other way round, there would be people that would write to explain it is not right to have to cancel an accidental when the note is not at the same octave (and I think I would be one of those).

I guess the key here is to specify, which octave is the accidental canceled? If in example 2 the B(b) is now in a different octave, then no glitch. If you shift the F up, and then enter the B back in the same octave as before, perhaps there is indeed a glitch.

Hm… I guess you are both right, now that I think of it.

My use case then might have been just the single case where this mechanic gets in my way: I worte alternating notes for Tuba in march music, like Bb-F-Bb-F, and Dorico went for the F below the first Bb. But if you always want the upper F and shift it up, then the second Bb will always be notated as a B, which is always the wrong note :wink:

Thanks for pushing me into the right direction. I totally overlooked the “hey, it’s another octyve, so it’s right” issue :slight_smile:

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Yeah. working on a piece now where I want to shift a bunch of instruments over a bunch of measures and I am scratching my head on why this isn’t working. Seems like it would be a great enhancement.

It’s not clear to me how your reply here relates to the existing topic of discussion. What problem are you having? If you need to move a passage of music by a bunch of bars, the most efficient way is probably to use cut and paste. You might find this topic from the manual on how to make large selections useful. Once you’ve selected the music you want to move, cut it to the clipboard, then select the spot at which you want the music to begin, and paste it.