Changing one of the sounds in a percussion kit

I try to change one of the sounds in a percussion kit but when I follow the manual and click the change instrument button in the edit percussion kit the only thing that happens is that that instrument gets unselected.
I had to take the long detour of adding the sound I want, making the kit into single line instruments so I could select the first one and copy to the new sound, change back to a kit and delete the unwanted instrument.
Is it my own fault or is there a problem?

Once you add the new sound to the Player, you should be able to import that instrument into your kit rather than changing the existing instrument.

Yes that’s what I did but the manual says that you should be able to change one of the sounds by clicking Change Instrument and that doesn’t work.

I go for what works. It saves me time.

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I think there is a problem here, in that the instrument picker is appearing in the wrong place under some circumstances. On my system, it appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the Edit Percussion Kit dialog, but it’s clipped by the dialog itself. I will try to investigate why this is happening in the next couple of days.

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