Changing or reassigning Key Commands not working

2016 13" MacBook Pro (Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)

I am not able to add or reassign Key Commands. What I am attempting is assign Shift- to Rewind.

Actually, I can do both but they have no effect. I believe I am using the Change Key Command interface correctly but nothing happens in Dorico when I try to use the newly assigned command.

On my English Mac keyboard, Shift- (hyphen) is the underscore character _, which is what appears in the Key Commands editor, and indeed when I type that during playback, rewind is duly activated. What symbol corresponds to Shift- on your keyboard?

tangoravi, your reassignment worked for me. By the way, (if you can get it working) I noticed that the longer you hold the Shift- combination, the further it rewinds, just like you would expect. If you want a full rewind back to beginning (with just one keypress) then you could use “Navigate To Start” as your shortcut parameter.