Changing Orchestration and Auto-Slot Assignments

Hi everyone. If there is already a thread on this, I’ve missed it. Two scenarios that have related issues:

  1. I am setting up a file, say an orchestral file, and I add my flutes, then oboes, then my clarinets, then my…Oh shoot, I forgot that I wanted to include an English horn.
  2. I’ve created an orchestration of woodwinds in pairs, and I now decide that I want woodwinds in 3s.

It seems to me that when adding a player/section Dorico auto-assigns the track to the next sequential slot in the VST rack. When I want to make changes, or insert a new player, Dorico auto-assigns the new player to the end and does not reorder the routing or program assignments in the virtual instrument. I totally understand why. My question is: Is there a way for me to tell Dorico how to reassign tracks in the sequence of my score?

Does this question make sense? I’m asking because when my mixer does not match my score order, working in the mixer becomes visually confusing.



If you re-apply your playback template, the normal order should be recovered.


OMG that’s fantastic. Thank you! … Summer 2023 project: really reading the user manual to gain a thorough understanding of things.