Changing order of instruments, then their names?

I have 3 horns in a brass section that need to read 1-3-2. So I was able to do a custom order of players doing that perfectly. A strange but hopefully resolvable problem has arisen when I’ve then proceeded to change the name of those horns.

It’s a French publisher, and they wanted “Cor” for when just one, and “Cors” when 2 or 3. So I changed the abreviation from “Cor” to “Cors” since they are almost always 2 or 3. Then I’d maybe take the “s” off in Acrobat.

So in Galley view for my “PO FULL SCORE” layout, I saw in order 1, 3, 2. But upon changing the names of the instruments, I now have 1, 2, 3. The staves haven’t jumped back to the original order, it’s just the names (2 & 3) that flipped.

Unfortunately, I just realized that the names had changed, after having corrected about 320 of 400 pages of score (divided into 4 files).

I’m hoping (praying) that someone might know how to resolve this!

Many thanks

You can set a custom player order in layout options for each layout, independently of the order of players in Setup mode. This might not immediately help in your case (if the player who has all of the 2nd horn’s part is now named “Cor 3”) but once you’ve sorted that out it might be helpful.

You could either add the numbers manually as part of each instrument name, or swap the contents of Horns 2-3, then set a custom player order in the score so horn 3 appears above horn 2, without moving them in the Players panel where Dorico handles the automatic numbering.

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Thanks Lillie

I did set a custom player order in the beginning , to get the order to be 1, 3, 2… The names and abbreviations are just “Cor” and “Cors” (without a player number). Sometime all 3 players are condensed to 1 stave, sometimes to 2, and sometimes they each have their own stave. When they are on their own staves, there is just the number, and “Cors” just once in the margin.

If I swap contents and then reorder (again), I’m afraid I will get lots of surprises on the page layouts. I’ve done lots of moving around of staves, to get a “look” that I’m after.

I’ve been able to reproduce the “problem”, taking an older saved version. Once I modify (add an “s”) to the abbreviation name of one of those 3 horns, the file seems to forget that 3 is above 2, and starts calling the second stave “2” instead of “3”.

Is there a magic way that I could remind the file that the middle stave should still be considered as “3” (as per my original custom player order).?

How did you set the player order - by dragging players up/down the left panel in Setup mode, or by setting a custom player order in Layout Options?

Edit: aha, no I think I’ve been able to reproduce what you’re talking about, it took a couple of goes. Apart from the obvious but not necessarily easy option (not renaming instruments after carefully adding all their music and organising their staves) I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps by moving your player 3 back into the 3rd position, amending the names again, then putting it back into 2nd position?

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Thanks Lillie,

Yes I’ll know now that instrument names in Dorico are more than just graphics.

I’ll try some of what you suggest, but would love to be able to resolve without to much move around things.

Many thanks, and any other solution would be welcome !

I did a bit of schuffling and renaming, and I’ve been able to get my correct naming and staves, without seemingly loosing any custom spacing on any of the pages. Hopefully the other 3 files will work also.

Many thanks Lillie !