changing order of output busses, moving them in mix console

so i cannot figure out how to make my main 2bus / STEREO out show up at the FAR RIGHT end in mix console. I have several outputs but I watn my STEREO OUT aka ANALOG 1/2 to be at the FAR RIGHT. Cannot figure out how to do this.

Read about mix console zones. Create zones in the left zone…the area where you can hide/show channels etc Setting up zones is there. Keep in mind when you open the left zone of any mix console, there are tabs on the bottom as well as the top. :wink:

Yes, for sure. And I see in 10.5 you can even split them into THREE separate areas down there which is cool.

BUT! What I cannot do, is drag/rearrange the ORDER of the output busses. They seem to be FIXED. I have them all at the far right, which is desired, but I am not able to change the order in which they appear. I have RME FF400 and have all outputs active. It seems cubase is forcing me to have them appear as 1/2 3/4 5/6 7/8 then SPDIF and I CANNOT change this order. I want my 1/2 output to be at the VERY FAR RIGHT, it will not let me.

Unfortunately it is not possible to change the order of input and output channels in the mixer. - one of the little stupidities of the UI-“concept” of Cubase. Not a major one, but simply not thought to the end and therefore a random omission…

Oh wow… so that IS A FIXED behavior. I was going crazy with this thinking “I cannot be this idiotic to not figure this out”.

So it appears that Cubase will force the order based on how your hardware outputs are presented by the interface. In my case 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, SPDIF and nothing I do can change that. I really like having the main 2 bus at the very far right… I cannot even make 7/8 the main out because my SPIF shows up last. Just have to deal with it I guess or hide SPDIF output completely. Thank you for the feedback.

Well, not exactly!

The order of the output busses is not defined by the hardware outputs! It is created by the order of output busses when you create them under “audio connections”. So: You are free to assign the physical ports there to whatever output you want.

Let me add: Assuming your ouput channels are stereo and called stereo out 1, stereo out 2, stereo out 3 and so on (you are free to change the name in the audio connections dialogue at any time!) you can then assign your audio interface’s ports just as you like to these channels!
The order of the channels cannot be changed later - but you can achieve what you need by doing like I described here.

OOOOOOOOH! LIFE HACK! Ok, thank you! I deleted all of my OUTPUT BUSSES and recreated them, but this time did it backwards. I made SPDIF out first, then 7/8, 5/6, 3/4, 1/2. Set the 1/2 as main stereo and VOILA!! it is now at the far right!


So, it will load your outputs in mix conosle based on the order in which you have them in STUDIO / AUDIO CONNECTIONS.

THANK YOU! My OCD levels have reduced substantially.

Glad that I could help. :slight_smile: