Changing Output Bug for Imported Audio (Not Solved)

I’m importing a mix down of the project to use as a reference track. I use these via control room cue sends so set the track to “No Bus” output, this is to prevent them going through the Master Bus Processing and the sudden burst of sound if un-muting everything.

  1. Import music file via drag and drop into project, which creates a new track.
  2. Select “No Bus” Output

Result, Cubase will select and display a different group routing with in the project.

Repeat clicking/selecting of “No Bus” will have Cubase do a strange stuttering screen thing I’ve not witnessed before.

Can anyone confirm this issue?

Thank you

This is also happening for other Audio track in a project. Select “No Bus” and Cubase force selects another Buss/Group in the project. Only work arround I can figure is to create a Group that goes no where, call it No Bus and select that group as the “No Bus”.

If anyone stumbles upon this problem… deleting a buss seems to fix the issue. Even adding an empty one and deleting that. I opened a ticket with Steinberg Support yesterday and they replied today. They couldn’t create the issue but offered solutions to resolve.

This started happening in a new project. So looks like a reoccurring problem for me now.

I don’t have this
can’t reproduce quickly, will watch it later again

Thank you

I guessing it’s very rare. I might be the only one. I’d love to know what’s triggering it in my set up/config. Steinberg Tech Support couldn’t recreate it

This has now got worse. Routings not what they say they are. Projects that the more they play, the more the sound builds up… feedback loop. Something is seriously broke with my Cubase.

Here’s the video of the initial issue