Changing output bus disables output

When changing the output bus of a track in cubase, that track will no longer send signal to the D/A converter until I have solo’d / un-solo’d the track. I can duplicate the behaviour with any project, new or old.

I have cleared all preferences and started a new project, imported a single audo test track and can replicate the behaviour.

This is a recent development after installing a MOTU 24Ao (for output D/A) connected to my computer via USB. There is also a UR824 connected to the computer via USB for A/D inputs. The MOTU and UR824 are linked via ADAT for clock with the UR824 as master (no particular reason).

I’ve upgraded the MOTU to the lastest firmware and spoken with MOTU. Got nothing.

I logged a ticket with Steinberg (greate support BTW) but the only suggestion was delete preferences and start a new project. I did this and it makes no difference (except all my preferences are gone - ugh). I have a work around since solo/unsolo (or even mute/unmute if the track was already solo’d) resolves the issue, but it is clearly a bug.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Is there a resolution? I’m not convinced this is a cubase problem, only that cubase is the only bit I’m changing to either invoke or clear the issue. Could be a USB issue for all I know.

No. It’s not.

Using two audio devices is not supported inside Cubase… since both devices use different drivers you have to configure a virtual device driver… very difficult under Windows but possible with MacOS

another option is, to use another compatible MOTU device, they share the same driver and this makes it possible to adress more than one device at a time…

Ah, thanks. So even when the other device (UR824) is powered off, the mere existence of the steinberg ASIO driver on the system creates a problem? Whether it’s selected or not? Is it necessary (or best practice) to uninstall all other ASIO drivers from the system?


Never had a problem before so did not think that would be the issue. I’ll do some more testing and if that resolves the issue I guess I’ll have a steinberg UR824 up for sale!

Thanks for the tip.

No, you can have installed some ASIO drivers at the same tiime,
but to use them together is not possible…
So I think I don’t understand your problem

Yeah, not trying to use them together (yet) but I would have once I got this output thing worked out. That’s what the ASIO4ALL thing was supped to do. I haven’t gotten to it with the new set up yet as I have been waylaid with this output issue. (Which I now think I may be able to call a bug. :slight_smile: UR824 completely disconnected from the system and I still have the issue. May be time to call Steinberg again. Thanks for the troubleshooting ideas!

sorry, but I never had this issue… changing devices from time to time…

Are you trying to send the output of single channels to the MOTU?