Changing output routing for multiple tracks - broken?

I have for many years been able to change the output routing for multiple selected tracks at the same time by clicking Shift and Alt (on Windows), and then choosing the output I wanted. But that’s not working for me any more. I know the key combination hasn’t changed, because when I hover over the output routing section with multiple tracks selected, it tells me that that’s still the way to do it. But it’s not working. Is this a known bug on Cubase 8 (running Cubase 8.0.35 on W10)? Or has something changed? Or is there a complication I’m missing?

I’ve noticed it more recently since Cubase 8 (from 7)… I just tested and it works, it must be due to certain combinations of tracks… Sometimes i find to do it twice and make sure to not hold down extra modifiers?
Could be some small problems in there I think you’ll need to try and find a repeatable situation.