Changing output routing of audio return signal to another channel on my Zoom mixer?

I’ve got a Zoom L-12 digital mixer, which I connect to my Windows 10 laptop via USB so I can use it as an interface with Cubase.

The sound outputted from Cubase seems to default to the stereo channel 9/10 (also called 'USB 1+2) on the Zoom L-12 However, there is also another stereo channel 11/12 next to this (called 'USB 3+4) which can also accept the USB return audio from a computer.

How do I change which USB channel on the mixer the audio return signal from the computer/DAW is sent to? I’ve think it has to be done in Cubase with the output routing, but the only routing options I can see in Cubase are in the Inspector (left of screen) or the Mixer (under ‘Routing’), but it just seems to give the option of routing the ‘Stereo Output’, ‘Left’, ‘Right’ or ‘No Bus’.

The manual doesn’t really explain this, it just has a very brief bit of info on this (see attached photo below).

You need to creat the 2nd output in connections and then you can use it.

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This is a good place to start:

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