Changing over to Cubase from Sonar

I’m new to Cubase, does any one have advice about moving all my tracks out of Sonar and into Cubase? I planned to simply Export all tracks (one at a time if necessary) then Import them and try to register all my plugs.

If anyone can point out any idiosycrasies or spare me some grief, I’d much appreciate it.

Thanks - rev

My first problem: I exported an audio track from Sonar and imported to Cubase. The audio doesn’t start at measure 2 as it did before. So I changed the tempo, I was expecting that to correct the probem but it made no difference. I tried exporting the audio as a loop in case that helped but noooooo, it didn’t. I checked the tempo and it had somehow reverted to 120, so I changed it again - no difference.

How do I get a four measure audio clip into Cubase such that it starts and stops where it did in Sonar? And how do I get the tempo to stay at the value I set it to? I just looked again and it had reverted to the default 120, even though I’ve set to 76 twice already.

Thanks - rev