Changing Parameters on Multiple track at once

Mac Cubase 11

I can’t get the Alt+Shift to work. Only the first selected track gets edited.
“Sync Project and Mix Console” is enabled
It is also enabled in teh Preferences (“Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole”)

Anything else I am missing?

Does the Q-Link button light up when you hold those keys down? You can click it manually if not.

It does come on.
I am trying to adjust the time base for a group of tracks.
Q Link comes on but only the first track changes.

Is that a bug?

It seems to be the inspector window adjustments that don’t work.

If I select a group of files I CAN change all the colors using the menu in the project window for instance…but not the inspector.

But the Time base, locking/unlocking files…that’s what I am hunting for