changing part names to the track names

When I rename audio parts to the names I’ve given my audio tracks, the full name of the audio track that i imported is added as a suffix.

For instance, if the track that I imported was called “LSA_Kit_03_125_BPM_Conga_Groove” and I rename the track “conga groove” the track is now renamed “conga groove (LSA_Kit_03_125_BPM_Conga_Groove)”.

Is there a way to rename audio parts to mimic the track names exactly? In other words i would like the part to also just be named “conga groove” to imitate the track name.


You can change the description, not the name.

On Mac OS

Double_click the Track name
Hold down Command
Press Return
The Part(s) now has Track name

I assume holding down Control on Windows would work the same.

Oh, you mean this…

Yes, hold firem Cmd/Ctrl while hit Return/Enter after renaming the Track. All events in the Track get the Track name.

I appreciate that and it definitely is a time saver. The problem is that the original name of the audio file is tagged at the end in parentheses.

Okay. I see what you’re saying. I didn’t notice that because, I work with “Show Event Names” turned OFF in Preferences, Event Display. Instead, I rely on the Info Line so show the details of a Part, if I need to see it. Then I’m mostly referencing the start time, length, volume, or file name. I’ll double-click the description to name the part if I need to.

So, to answer the question…No. You can’t turn off the parentheses. The only circumstance where they don’t appear is if the file name and part name are the same.

What seems to work best for me is to name the track first then click on a part for that track and go to the info line to type in a new file name.