Changing Patches/Banks in Halion Sonic SE from keyboard

Hey folks, I’ve been searching the web for an answer but coming up empty hopefully some one here knows.

I have a Roland XP30 that I user as a midi keyboard controller. I want to use the keyboard’s bank controls (Rotary wheel and inc/dec buttons) to step thru patches in Halion Sonic SE or any other VST Instrument when auditioning sounds. Transmit program change via midi is enabled in the XP30 but for the life of me the vst instrument does nothing.

I’ve also gone into options menu in the vst instrument and set program change drop down to GM Mode but then all the channel slots in Sonic SE fill with GM instruments and program change from keyboard still does nothing.

Super frustrating. This cant be so hard. What am I missing any ideas?

If you go to the options tab you can turn on “Program Changes” in the Global section. It will respond to GM program changes on the selected MIDI channel. Bank and Multi mode, may work with that keyboard, but can be a bit more complicated.

Just to be clear, that is for GM MIDI sound loading. There isn’t a direct way to do preset up/down in the browser from via MIDI Keyboard.