Changing PC's

Have on my drive at the moment Cubase 7.07 last update before 7.5 was released.This was a boxed upgrade from Elements 7 (I think ?). I have both LE 6 and Cubase 7 on my Dongle. I am about to move everything over on to my new PC tomorrow(I hope), so, the question is will I be able to Install the Cubase 7 upgrade
Disk on it’s own or, because it was an Upgrade disk, do I have to install some other version first before any of this will work?

If you have the full installer, you should not have to install the older version first. Check on MySteinberg under the “Downloads” tab and you should have them there.

Thanks very much Jaslan for the information I was really confused about how this would work, your a saviour.

Ta for that.

Mmm…well not quite. It seems in my downloads I only have Cubase AI7 (2.3GB)…and I have the Cubase 7 Upgrade on disc here (and obviously my dongle)…so it looks like I Install the AI7 Download and then my disc (and any updates up to 7.07)?..what do you think ?

That should work but it seems you should have the option to download the full installer. Did you register your Cubase 7 when you bought the upgrade. Does MySteinberg list Cubase 7 under your list of registered software?
I could be wrong. Maybe they didn’t start putting the installer in the Download tab until C8.

cheers for the reply Jaslan …one last bit of help. Got it back to 7.00 but can’t find after all my searching where to find legacy update downloads to get it back to 7.07. Any ideas ?
Don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier…
It has the full installers also.

Thanks again Jaslan you got me back where I started at 7.07.
I’m just wondering, given the method involved with my total installation (having to first install the LE AI Elements and then the Upgrade 7 disc which I own) would I now be able to remove the LE AI Elements from my SSD which appears to be a seperate entity ? or will this interfere with the overall 7.07 cubase application. Any thoughts ?..I’m trying to be frugal with the SSD space.

You can safely uninstall LE AI Elements if you don’t plan to use it…

Cheers Jaslan. :slight_smile:

Many thanks.