Changing percussion presentation types

Hello. I am working on something where the percussionist player has 5 set ups. I have made each of these set ups as a different player and moved them in SET-UP all into one player.

4 of these set-ups are on the GRID, but one is drum kit, which I want as 5-LINE.

If I set it to GRID in the percussion layout then this puts everything on GRID and likewise if I set it to 5-LINE in the percussion layout then this puts both parts on to that. Is there a way I can just set the drum-kit to 5-LINE?

Thanks, Matthew

If you need different presentation types for each kit, you should assign them to different players, rather than having them all held by the same player. You can still create a single percussion part layout containing music for multiple players.

Thanks for this. Yes, I can do that if that is the only way, but it is a little a bit of extra hassle, e.g. with showing/hiding staves. Is this the only way? Cheers, Matthew

Yes, it’s the only way.

Thanks. Ok, I have made that work, but it is quite annoying. As this is an issue I am dealing with a lot, I wonder: Is there any likelihood this will be improved in future? Thanks, Matthew

Although I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that we might change it in future, in general it’s not something we consider a high priority, since it’s quite practical to have one kit per player and a layout with multiple players.

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