Changing phase of outputs

I’m using LE4 with a TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6. I’ve just read a review of this interface where the reviewer says its outputs are 180 degrees out of phase, causing the headphone output to sound a little innacurate, especially in terms of the bass frequencies. He suggested setting the DAW software to reverse the phase of its outputs, and gave a screenshot from Reaper. I can’t see a way to do this in LE4 - is it possible?. Thre’s an option to change the phase of individual audio tracks, but that seems quite fiddly, and I’m not sure it would do the same thing anyhow. (I did try it, and could convince myself that the bass was a little more defined and less warm!)

Could you put a link into this “review” ?

So what he’s saying is the output is reversed ?

Would that make it an input then…? :mrgreen:

I don’t understand it either! The review is here:

The section about the phase issue is about 1/4 of the way down. He seems to know what he’s talking about, and I have always thought the bass was sounding a little too saturated through my headphones. There’s a screenshot of how he compensated for the problem in Reaper, and I’d like to know if there’s an equivalent option in Cubase.

Thanks very much.

Hmm… He offers no proof of his theory, I would want to test that for myself before taking action!

Anyway, you could use the 6 to 2 plugin.

Would that make it an input then…?

yes, a sensitive one :laughing: :mrgreen:

Thanks for that. I’m not sure how he determined this is happening on the Konnekt 6. I just wanted to try it to see if I could hear any difference myself, and if there is, to determine which ‘phase’ actually makes it to the finished WAV file.

I’m fairly new to recording - what’s the 6 to 2 plugin?

You don´t have that in Cubase LE 4.

Ah… :imp: