Changing pitch

I have a long one-tone MIDI sample track (in C3). I want the track to change pitch in a linear way, so that it gets higher and higher - almost like the sound of a car speeding. How do I do that?

Turn up the glide function in the pitch section and experiment with playing notes an octave, 2 octaves apart etc

You probably also want to press the monophonic mode button.

I’m assuming you want a larger range than can be accomplished simply with Pitchbend?

Yes, up to “the highest tone”, almost to where it’s audible only to a dogs ear :slight_smile:
I’m on Cubase Pro 9.

You could render it to audio then drag it into the sampler track and then play around with the pitch envelope but I’m not sure how much you can vary the pitch or indeed whether you can do it for long enough for your needs…