Changing played duration of accented notes

I have issues, changing the played duration of accented notes in Dorico Pro.
For staccatissimo notes it doesn’t seem to work at all and for staccato notes it’s really weird: If I lengthen the duration of a staccato note up to a certain point, it doesn’t do anything and beyond that point it suddenly increases by a big bunch.

Can you provide a bit more information about what exactly you’re trying to do? Are you talking about editing notes in the piano roll, or adjusting settings in an expression map or Playback Options, or something else?

I was talking about editing notes in the piano roll.

OK. Are you editing notes in played duration or notated duration mode? When you edit in played duration mode, you can change the duration to anything you wish.

I was editing played duration, not notated duration but it doesn’t work for some reason. Should I send a file to reproduce it or smth?

Sure, always a good idea. Some tips on how to do that:

Accented_Duration_Change.dorico (615,6 KB)

I dragged the staccatissimo note to be really long here but it is played as if unchanged. For the first staccato note the duration change works, for the second it doesn’t.

The reason the note isn’t played any longer is because it’s using a recorded staccato sample, which has a fixed duration. The staccatissimo marking is what’s responsible for the choice of sound: you’d need to remove the staccatissimo marking if you want to hear the played duration.

I see. Thank you