Changing playing techniques - dorico 4 and Noteperformer

I have a viola phrase which is rendering a bit odd.

noteperformer playing technique 1

In this example, the final low “D” has a harsh attack and is a bit accented. When I go into Play mode I see the following:

Clearly the system is not including that final “D” in the “legato” playing technique. Now I can force it by extending the slur across the barline to the “D”, but that’s not a solution, since “slurs” in string writing are not phrase markings, but bow markings.

Is there any way to extend that legato play technique to the final “D”?


With Noteperformer slurs and legato are synonymous. Drives me nuts. So, when the slur ends so does legato. Put a legato playing technique on the D and hide it.

That worked beautifully. Thanks!

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slurs and legato are synonymous in general with Dorico – it’s not something which is NotePerformer specific. Whether that’s desirable is another matter.

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Thanks for the clarification.