changing position of note in chord

I feel stupid, that I am not able to do this: In the attached example, I want to place the note g on the other side of the chord. I probably could do this by adding the note to another voice, but I’m quite sure, that there is a simple way of doing this.
Test (352 KB)

Select the whole note chord and hit F to flip its nominal stem direction.

Quite easy — if you know how to do it. Thanks!
Is this documented somewhere? I couldn’t find it.

Yes I believe the relevant page is here with ‘changing the stem direction’ given as an example (disclaimer: I’m basing that on Daniel’s recommendation, as I’m not on a computer with Dorico on at the moment to open your file)

Quite far away to search for “stem direction” if you have a chord with only whole notes … :slight_smile: