Changing preferences in dorico

Question, is there any way to change the default way of inputing notes with the computer keyboard?
I come from using sibelius for over 3 years and it’s hard for me to learn a new way of inputting notes, what i would with to do is to set my numaric keypad the same way it is set in sibelius ( 6 is a whole note & 5 is a half note Etc.)
If anyone could be helpful i’d really appreciate it!!

Dorico has a way to define/re-define shortcut key-combinations and some have used this capability to align their duration shortcuts with those of Sibelius or Finale. Others figure it’s just as easy to become accustomed to the Dorico system.

Dorico’s ‘numbers for notes’ are used in other situations, such as Tempo popovers, where you can’t change their definitions, so I would suggest that you stick with the original Dorico scheme. I came from Finale, where 5 was a quarter, 6 a minim, etc, but it didn’t take long to adapt to Dorico. (And initially there was a time when I was working in both.)

The human brain is the most programmable computer there is!

If you can force yourself to use the top row numbers then a) you’ll be able to do note input quickly on a smaller laptop (or any Apple laptop) and b) you won’t forget your Sibelius numbers. I used Sibelius for 18 years and nailed the Dorico shortcuts in a couple of weeks, so you have no excuse :wink:

Leo, you’re getting hard-nosed? :wink:

But you missed a sales opportunity:
The OP could buy a StreamDeck (right?) and use the Dorico template to enter in Dorico and the SIbelius template for that program. :laughing:

I don’t see by the commands an option to change the way how to input notes…

I see that i could add some key commands, but this is usually by pressing Shift + the Key or Command + the key.
How could i easily match the way inputting notes are mapped out in sibelius?

They’re in that dialog within Note Input.

I’m not sure how to do it.
I only have Dorico for 1 week.
Please if you could explain i’d really appreciate it!!

Expand the arrow beside the “Note Input” category on the page screen-shot above.

If you have more time, get Dorico SE for free to figure it out, then buy the more full product when you are used to it.

And get out ahead by watching the excellent YouTube videos (“How To”).

And read this:'s%20Guide%20to%20Dorico.pdf?dl=0

All that to say, make the best use of this 30-day window. If you learn Dorico the right way, you’ll be all in.

Thanks much!!