Changing project font in a finished project


Just wondering if this is possible at all? The font I choose has huge rehearsal marks which is whacking out some of the layout. I’d like to change it to something more simple. See photo attached. Taa

Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 1.59.17 pm

You can change font for Rehearsal marks under Library->Paragraph styles.

But this is not a font issue, it’s something else, unless the font you are using has unusually and excessively large leading. And weird - I do not know what is causing this.,

What Dorico version/platform?

Have you fiddled with the Engraving options for rehearsal mark sizing by any chance?

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The huge spacing looks as if you may have assigned Bravura to your rehearsal marks. This doesn’t work because music fonts don’t even have glyphs for A–Z and 0–9, so you get a fallback font (looks like Helvetica in this case). Try Academico, or any regular text font for rehearsal marks.


@Mark_Johnson that’s very insightful. I would never have thought of using Bravura music font for this. Let’s see if that’s the cause.


What happens if you specify ‘Bravura’ for rehearsal marks.

The OP gave a ‘like’ to my post, so I guess it’s solved.