Changing project name

Gday all. I’m probably going to get panned for this question, but I have (and I know it’s my fault) several projects that are titled “song 1”, “song 2” etc. This is because I had an idea and just chucked some stuff down quickly without thought of a title. Anyway, It has got to a stage where I can’t remember what the song sounds like when I see “Song 1” or whatever on the Steinberg Hub page. Is there a way to change the name of the project name so that it appears on the Hub page as the new name that I have changed it to.

I did find a few threads on the subject but they didn’t really have a conclusive solution.

Really appreciate any input for this newbie.


…As an adjunct to this, my file saving and general housekeeping in Cubase is, well,crap and would appreciate any ideas or good practices that I could use in relation to saving files, naming/renaming and files, cpr and bak file locations…that sort of thing.

Prock mentioned his workflow in a previous thread but any elaboration would be great (thanks Prock!).

Here’s one way:

  • For ideas and random beginnings, created a folder called “Ideas” or “Improv” or something. Start every project here, if you don’t know where it will end up. It’s fine to call them Song 1, Song 2, if that’s all you want to think about at the time.
  • Later, when you decide a use and direction for Song 1, open it up and select File>Back Up Project. The Back Up Project function allows you to re-save the project with a new name, and in a new folder, in it’s own folder if you want.
    Now you have renamed your project and effectively taken it “out” of the initial “Ideas” folder, for further work. But the initial Song 1 is still there, in case you ever need to go back to that early version of the piece.
    So, Back Up Project is one way to answer your first question.

jgg’s suggestions are all good recommendations!

Think it’s a good idea to create a seperate folder for each project song in the first place, at least that’s how I do it. If there’s no name in mind, my idea folders get the date simply. If an idea grows it goes to a new folder via ‘backup project’ exactly as jgg describes (leaving unused stuff out in the new folder while keeping the old one as it is, just in case).

Of course this isn’t necessary just to rename a project. Shift + Ctrl + S plus a new name will do too if just a better overview in the hub is what you’re after. But you’ll definately get a better Cubase’ housewife if you discipline yourself to 1 folder = 1 song :laughing:

Thanks heaps jgg and marQs.

All top ideas and exactly what I was after. I definitely need to be more disciplined with the way my brain works when I get an idea and quickly jump in before it escapes, another minute setting it up shouldn’t matter.

Again awesome feedback, Cheers! :smiley: