Changing rastral size alters frames

Hi all,

I’ve got a project in which the default page for parts has two text frames and one graphic frame making up the page’s header. When I increase the raster size of the music, making the staves smaller, those frames shrink or expand, seemingly at random. The graphic frame gets wider. The text frames’ inner margins, which I used the unlocked-edge Width variable for, shrink, making each text frame less wide.

I tried selecting a frame to see what had changed. I chose the graphic frame. I found its measurements to be exactly as they are in the template. The frames clearly have resized, though.

Has anybody else encountered this? What do we do to get the frames to appear the size they ought to when changing raster size?

It would help for us to see the frames in Engrave mode, or even better for you to post that section of your Dorico file.

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Are you certain you’re only changing the rastral size setting on the Page Setup page of Layout Options, or are you actually changing e.g. the page size?