Changing recording path for specific files in the Pool window in Cubase

I want to change a file path manually in the Pool window.
Does anyone know how?

Looks like a bug, while saving a project,
Some edited files are not audible, and when I look into the Pool, those audio files have an unfinished file path to the ‘\Volumes’ folder, which is not a valid filepath or the default record folder for this project.
When I right click on those items and “find files…” there are “no files missing…” So I cannot assign a new path.

When I look via finder on my disk in my default recordfolder… /Volumes/Christof_T5/xxxxx/cubase/Audio/
those non audible audio files are present including image files and edits.

When I manually drop them again, I have to do all the editing again.

So I want to change in the pool the path /Volumes to

How can I fix this?

I’m using cubase 11.041 pro for apple mac


What macOS version do you use, please? How is the drive formatted, please?

It’s a long time ago.
But now I know wat caused it.
Some audio content was stored on a mounted NAS, when I disconnected, the path is incomplete.

That said, question still remains…
Is there a way to change file path manually in the Pool window?
if not, please implement it : A relink file function in the Pool.

(updated to M1max
MacOS Monterey 12.4 / Cubase 12.0.3
External SSD is exfat
Internal HSF)


Id you open a project and some files are not reachable, you will get “Missing Files” dialog, where you can point to the dedicated folder, where the files are stored.

Thanks for you quick reply,

No dialog,
Thats not the case.

And if I right click in the pool “find missing files” there are no files missing.
See screenshot below

The path points to Volumes folder not to a FILE.?

In this case: video file: 5000e_Kuilverdeler_V5_TH_1080p was initially pointed to a file on the NAS.

Because of getting my laptop from office to home, It was disconnected from the local NAS.
Cubase thinks the file is there, because there is no Projects folder mounted it points to /Volumes with no filename…

Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 17.31.04


What happens, if you right click to any Pool entry and click to Reveal in Finder?
Does Finder open with the folder? Aren’t the files located also locally at the internal drive by any chance?

It opens the hidden folder “/Volumes”…

Was there any solution to this? I’m having the same issue.