Changing recording path for specific files in the Pool window in Cubase

I want to change a file path manually in the Pool window.
Does anyone know how?

Looks like a bug, while saving a project,
Some edited files are not audible, and when I look into the Pool, those audio files have an unfinished file path to the ‘\Volumes’ folder, which is not a valid filepath or the default record folder for this project.
When I right click on those items and “find files…” there are “no files missing…” So I cannot assign a new path.

When I look via finder on my disk in my default recordfolder… /Volumes/Christof_T5/xxxxx/cubase/Audio/
those non audible audio files are present including image files and edits.

When I manually drop them again, I have to do all the editing again.

So I want to change in the pool the path /Volumes to

How can I fix this?

I’m using cubase 11.041 pro for apple mac


What macOS version do you use, please? How is the drive formatted, please?