Changing rehearsal marks

A small request for consideration - not absolutely necessary, but a possible addition to those many little time-saving gems which I am still finding scattered throughout Dorico, usually followed by my saying “Ooh, I like that!”.

Having selected a rehearsal mark then going into Properties and enabling Rehearsal Marks > Index, the value shown in Index defaults to 1 irrespective of what the rehearsal mark’s original value was. For example, if I wish to change rehearsal mark I to J (as often happens in European scores [for historical reasons?]), when I select rehearsal mark I and click on Index under Rehearsal Marks in Properties, the rehearsal mark itself changes to A until I change the value in Index. Would it be possible for the Index value to actually display the current value of the selected rehearsal mark rather than changing it to the default value, including showing it as a letter if the Sequence Type is Letters?

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It would be nice if it could work this way, I agree. It can be done, but it’s a decent amount of work to make it possible for a property, when activated, to assume the current effective value of that property from the current state of the given item. We have done it in a few cases, but it requires special implementation for each one.

Rehearsal letter I is sometimes skipped due its resemblance to 1, and O is sometimes skipped due to its resemblance to 0. J is sometimes skipped due to its resemblance to I in some fonts. For new work I don’t follow any of those conventions personally, and just go straight through the alphabet, then continue with AA, BB, etc.

Not to mention that a hand-written capital I looks suspiciously like a J, especially in German handwriting. They’re bound to be confused.

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Still, not everything needs to be automatic, especially when the solution is so simple.