changing rest notation

Hello, I followed the instructions on this page to change the way Dorico notates rests but I can’t make it work:

The piece is in 9/16 with groupings of 4+5.

In the drum set part, I want the second part of the bar to be notated with a quarter note rest followed by 16th note rest, like in the marimba part.
Dorico by default write the opposite. Entering a quarter note rest on the 16th note rest with “force duration” activated doesn’t do anything.
any idea?

Try 4+4+1/16 meter or [4+4+1]/16

thanks for the suggestion
it does the job for the drumset part but now the other parts are notated with a separate 16th note at the end of the bar (I want groups of 4 and 5) and the time signature isn’t really what I wanted (need to see 4+5/16)
Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 11.04.22 AM.png
other suggestions? thanks!

Right. You should only do the [4+4+1]/16 for the drum staff. Leave the others as is. To do this, select the meter in the drum staff, type shift-M, type in the meter, type ‘alt-return’ (instead of ‘return’) to exit the popover. This will apply the meter to the selected staff only.

thanks for your help, but this is not going to work for me as the drumset eventually plays more notes and also gets into the 5+4 grouping. And I really want want to have “4+5/16” displayed and not “4+4+1/16”

What I don’t understand is why the “force duration” for rests does not work as described in the help file
Dorico is smart and does the rests grouping automatically, but there are many situations where one needs to change these default groupings on a case-by-case basis

Unfortunately you cannot at present make any edits to rests when percussion kits are displayed using either the grid or five-line staff presentation types. This is a limitation that we plan to address in a future version of the software.

Every bar on each staff can have a unique time sig and you can hide them if you don’t want them to show. So start off in the time sig you want shown, then change the bars to 4+4+1/16 where needed for the drum track and hide the time sig. Change it back when it needs to be 4+5/16 and hide that. Repeat as needed.

And note the purpose of the square brackets:
4+[4+1]/16 displays as 4+5/16.

Is it important with playback of the drumset par? If you van do as I utse to do with all drumset notation in Dorico.
I pick a non transposing instrument (e.g. flute) and do all the layout work there. If you need to add a drum pattern for a couple of bars you can add a drum set to that player and just write tha pattern in that instrument and then continue your work in the other instrument. Works perfect for me.

The upper pic shows the score in Galley view and the lower how it looks in the part (and score in page view)

With that said, Drum set isn’t always the best choice of instruments when creating a good looking drum set part. :nerd:

This is really useful when using rhythmic cues in e.g. big band drum set parts.

@Daniel thanks I’ll work around the limitation! Not easy when writing a percussion quartet though!

@dbudde thanks for the tricks, I’ll definitely use it

@pianoleo for some reason 4+[4+1]/16 doesn’t work for me. Are you adding this in the shift+M popover?

@MatsHall thanks for the trick, I’ll definitely try it. I have had some issues and bugs with copy/paste from melodic instruments to percussion instruments and also the insert mode that doesn’t seem to work with percussion like drumset.