Changing Reverb for a Single Measure

I am currently working on a piece which, for the most part, is played back perfectly through NotePerformer, with a single exception: a big bombastic brass chord near the end just dies off without so much as a light echo. I don’t want to affect the rest of the piece’s subtle reverb, as I like the way it sounds currently, but the one measure needs some adjusting (bonus points if I can do it for the winds but not the percussion). With both NotePerformer and Dorico, I can find ways to edit the reverb universally, but I’ve had no such luck adding it acutely.
Am I missing something obvious? Or is this the kind of thing that needs to be done in post-production?

I don’t believe this can be done in Dorico (at least at present) - there is no way to automate effects like reverb. Probably best to export the audio, import it into a DAW and then automate the reverb there (or cut the audio just before the last chord, insert it on a new track and add reverb to that track).

I agree this sounds like a job for a DAW. At the bare minimum, you could take a mix down export and try applying alternate reverbs to see if a different one sounds better. Alternatively, you could export all the “stems” (ie- individual tracks) and deal with them in a DAW that way too. This would give you control over individual instruments and groups of instruments.

Have you tried editing the note values of that brass chord in the play mode editor? Perhaps this could also help?