Changing sample frequency of my system

Hi folks

I’ve been running cubase for years at 44.1 kHz., Mainly because it was all the original PC could handle without stuttering, and then lately because that was what I’d always used.
I’m about to upgrade from 10.5 to 11, and would like to switch up to 48Khz. I’ve had so e issues with co-writers working at 48 and playing each others files at the wrong tempo.

Basic question is, if I switch at upgrade time, have I lost access to all older projects at the old sample rate, or is it just a case of switching my tascam interface back to 44.1 when I load those projects?

I don’t really want to re-record a load of work in progress but if I don’t bite the bullet soon I never will
Thanks and Merry Christmas.


the project sets the sample rate for the interface if configured correctly…

My tascam menu will allow me to select 44.1 or 48, but that is with projects set to 44.1
Maybe if I set to 48 at project level it will just work.

Or maybe I will have an excuse / need to but a newer interface …


The project sets the sample rate automatically…
set Cubase to internal sync… then it is the master by default
don’t try to overwrite the project sample rate…

only bad drivers or bad interfaces fail on this

maybe you need to activate your import settings dialog,
so that you can import audio files without to worry about sample rate mismatch

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