Changing sample rate changes sound in project but not export

(Cubase artist 9.5)
So by accident one of my testing ground projects had their sample rate lowered automatically when I switched audio device, so it plays darker and slower, and it sounds amazing. Apparently this is also something Mick Gordon and other artists do to get a really nasty dark sounding guitar. I tried to export the now darker and slower audio so that I can up the sample rate back to normal and then fetch the old export and use it to make some cool new instruments or something, but the export always sounds like the original sample rate no matter what settings I change. I tried WAV, MP3, I tried changing the export sample rate and bitrate and other things, and it just won’t sound like it does in my project. How do I export it sounding like that?

I think the best way to do that is to stretch the audio with Tape algorithm. That will change both the pitch and the speed of the audio, same as when you change the project sample rate.

Okay I see, thank you. I think I’ve heard about this before. Where do you access this funtion?

That’s the third option on the Select tool. Make sure to select Elastique Tape.