changing sample rates very slow

In Lion, changing sample rates in Nuendo 5.5 32 bit is very slow compared to Logic 9.1.5 32 bit. sync and audio is regained in 2 seconds in logic, and sometimes 10 seconds + in nuendo. this was reproduced with a small session, less then 10 plugins.

Anyone else repro?

-Nuendo 5.5 (32 bit)
-Logic 9.1.5 (32 bit)

MacPro: 1,1
-2x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon
-9GB 667 MHz DDR2
-OSX 10.7

Sound Card:
RME Fireface 800: two units daisy chained FW800
-Driver 2.93
-Firmware 2.77

can’t repro that here. it’s exactly the same in both lion and snow leopard.

try using just one fireface perhaps?