Changing Scale Factor erases Brackets

So, I’ve got a piano part that, on account of my having large hands, I’ve decided to throw in an alternate voicing for a chord or two. I figured I would make them cue sized and in parentheses, right next to the actual chord. Problem is Dorico will either let me have the parentheses or the cue size scale, but not both.

This is what I get if I select round brackets:
round brackets

And then if I scale to cue size:
cue sized

And just for fun, if I try flipping random switches, like “Break Bracket,” I get things like this:
break bracket

And fwiw, square brackets seem to fare even worse, oddly, though it could have something to do with the fact that I’ve overridden the voice column index on the cue notes to 2 (they’re in downstem voice 1). Lest you think the voice column index override is part of the problem with round brackets though, the issue is present when using normal grace notes attached to the subsequent eighths instead, no voice column fiddling. It’s all fairly odd…

Is there any way to get round brackets (a single set, like in the first pic) around a cue sized chord?

Also, a little bit of entirely unrelated bonus weirdness: when scaling the chord to cue size, all the 3rd line D’s in the left hand move vertically. You can see it in the first two pics. The D’s are not in the same place. Not something that’s bothersome or even really otherwise noticeable, but I’m not entirely sure why that should be happening in the first place.

At first blush I’m not able to reproduce this problem; perhaps you could attach the project itself, or an extract from it?

We fixed a problem with parentheses around noteheads not drawing properly at all spans in the recent Dorico 3.5.12 update. Are you definitely running the most recent version?

Ooh, heh, let’s file this one under gross and negligent user error. I was definitely not running the most recent version :sweat_smile: On seeing that the main thrust of it was for M1 Mac users, I wasn’t in a rush to update. Silly me. That fixes it.

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