Changing score from # key to b key (enharmonic)

I cannot figure out how to transpose a score from D sharp minor to E flat minor (enharmonic). I tried to read what i can find online, but did not succeed - I also tried the notations menu - transposition - ticking on/off in the “prefer enharmonic equivalent keys…” box.

Does anyone have a quick fix for this issue?

Thanks, Martin

I can do this in two steps after I select the area to be transposed.

  1. Use the SHIFT+K popover to change the Key Signature by entering eb (lower case).
  2. With your selection still active, use Write > Transpose to set the transposition to a diminished second up.

(Why the change key signature tick-box, which would allow me to change everything, is grayed out in the Transpose panel, I cannot deduce. Sometimes that tick-box is available and sometimes not.)

See here:

Select the notes in the score including the key signature and invoke the transpose dialog found under the ‘write’ menu. Use the ‘Calculate interval’ function:

The ‘Quality’ will be populated as follows:

The lower part of the transpose dialog should look like this:

Click the’OK’ button and the transposition should happen.