Changing size of Tempo text

Hi, good people. I would like to change the size of my Tempo text/metronome mark at the start of the work. I’ve looked at Engrave > Edit Font Styles, but there’s no Tempo listed there, and I can’t find any other entry that works for this. I’m on 2.2. Can it be done?


There are multiple tempi text styles: off the top of my head they’re Immediate Tempo (or is it Absolute?) and Gradual Tempo.

Immediate Tempo Text Font.

The different font styles for the different parts of tempo marks are listed here

On a slightly related subject, am I understanding correctly that one cannot set a program-wide default for Font Styles, and that one can only do so with Paragraph styles? I invariably change the size of Tempo fonts with every project.

This is one of the reasons that many of us work from Template files that include our Font Style choices – also Master Pages, etc.

Technically, it is possible to set Font Styles in the XML of the user defaults file, but yes, there’s no interface for it.

Thanks people. I missed it because in the list of Font Styles, there’s nothing under Tempo starting with T. It starts with Gradual or Immediate. Whereas Metronome is much easier to find. As a relative beginner, I’m finding a few things like this that are inconsistent, requiring you to memorize the specific word order that Dorico prefers. Searching the Help for different wording or phrasing doesn’t always produce the desired result.

So thanks again for speedy help on this simple thing, much appreciated. :slight_smile: