Changing Solo Player to Group Player

Dear all,

I imported a score into dorico which was originally a Sibelius score. I now noticed, that the tutti violin II is played back as a solo violin. In the Setup I see that dorico identifies violin II as a solo player not a tutti section.

What is the easiest way to make the violin II part a multiple player part?

Thank you for your support!


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There’s no automatic way. Add a new section player, then select everything in that solo player and cut-paste to the new player.

Or just drag the instrument from the solo player to the new, empty-handed section player.

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I had forgotten about that. Much easier!

If you’re doing a lot of importing from XML, you may find it easier to modify the XML before importing. See this thread for details:

Thank you everyone! I created the new section player and just copied the part into it. (And deleted the old solo player.)

The dragging didn’t work. Probably because it is the same instrument?

Ah, if you created a section player that is already holding an instrument, you wouldn’t be able to drag another instrument to the player (as section players can only hold one instrument). If you add a section player but don’t give them an instrument, they’ll appear as “Empty-handed Player” - then you can drag an instrument from elsewhere to them.

Ahh, interesting. Thank you!