Changing staff size for just one system?

I thought there was a way to just change the staff size for one system on a page (on which there are two). I know how to change them globally through edit/custom, staff size, but is there a way to just change individual systems? Thanks!

Make a System Break where you want the change, click the System Break, open Properties (lower zone), you should see an option to change the Space size. Then, do the same thing where you want the size to go back.

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It’s only in Engrave mode. When you reset the staff size at the next system break, it defaults to 1.75, which is possibly not what it was originally. You will need to look in Layout Options to see what the original space size was set to.


Thanks much!

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I needed this a couple days ago and was stymied for quite a while trying to remember the correct process. I tried selecting the first rest of the frame and jumping directly to the Staff Size submenu: It allowed me to get the Custom size dialog and attempt to set 90%, but this had no result. Please, if a command won’t do anything in a given context, it should not be enabled in that context. (Additionally confusing: When I tried the preset percentages they did work that way.)

Eventually I relented and searched here on the forum, and got it working.

I empathize. I tried the Engrave menu, Context menu, and Layout Options before finding what I needed in the Engrave Properties.