Changing staff system text globally

Hey gang,

I’m having an issue changing my current font sizes to a project I imported from Sibelius. Most of the default text size is way too large. I would like to reduce it quite a bit, globally so that it will take effect throughout. I went to font styles and thought this was the correct place, but nothing changed after I altered default text size. Thoughts?

Depending on which items specifically are appearing too large, you may also need to adjust the size of the Default text paragraph style in Library > Paragraph Styles.

I’ll check that out today and see if it works. Another area I’m having an issue with is the rall……. Or rit…… markings. No matter the default setting, the likes crowd the end of the bar and tend to push the rehearsal letters/numbers out of position . Is there a setting here that can fix that globally, or is it just trial and error with custom settings?


Dorico primarily worries about rehearsal marks and tempo changes that start at the same position (see the Rehearsal Marks page of Engraving Options) rather than those that end at that position. You may find that simply shortening the gradual tempo a little in Write mode is the best approach.

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