Changing temperaments, temperament presets, and adjusting frequencies easily

Hello Cubase and fellow users,

One option that I am not coming across is the ability to alter temperaments outside of the equal tempered scales commonly found nowadays and what Cubase is tuned to.

To get an idea of what is out there, check this site out:

Cary Beebe Harpsichords

If their could be presets of alternate temperaments (e.g. Pythagorean, Grammateus, Kimberger II, etc.) added to the project as a whole–by means of the Prjoect drop-down-menu) AS WELL AS having the option to add them to individual tracks–perhaps included as an option in the left zone of a midi track.

Another more advanced option would be to allow users to design their own temperaments by adjusting frequencies with user friendly parameters.

Are you talking about audio or midi? For certain Steinberg VSTs you can use the Microtuner Midi insert.

I use mostly external gear, but maybe some VST instruments support this also.

I use sysex for this purpose.
For Roland it looks like this
69 F0 41 10 42 12 40 11 40 40 3C 44 40 3C 44 40 42 38 40 42 3E 75 F7
For my Yamaha it looks like this
69 F0 7E 10 08 08 03 7F 7F 40 3C 44 40 3C 44 40 42 38 40 42 3E F7

Those above is Werckmeister 4. To change key, you just rotate 12 values according to basenote for that key.
I just use some with minor changes that does not require to change by key.

The last twelve values before F7 are each of 12 half notes starting with C.
Roland has one extra byte 75 F7, other wise the same.

40 is equal temperament.
3F is minus one cent.
41 is plus one cent.
You get the drift.

So just having a midi clip first on a track I can set instrument tuning as I want.

My favourite place for tunings is here, quite extensive: