Changing tempo and pitch at the same time -- elastique tape algo not in Elements

I have been searching the forums and the net looking for an answer to this question…

is there a function in Cubase 9.5 Elements that will allow you to change both the tempo that will also affect the pitch as the same time like the effect you would get if you were to slow down the speed of a tape or turntable? I searched through tons of threads, articles, and video’s but none of them actually address this particular question.

I was a Cool Edit Pro 2.0 user for years and years and they had a function that easily allowed you to do that. It had several options on whether to effect time or pitch, or both at the same time. It also had a gliding scale to simulate the effect I mentioned above to sound like a tape machine winddown or up.
One would think that a recent version of Cubase that has everything under the sun as far as editing features goes would have something like that but as of yet it eludes me on where it might be. Below is a screen shot of that feature in CEP, I hope you will be able to see it.

cep stretch


Unfortunately that’s one of the limitations of Cubase Elements.

Well let me ask this then… does either the Artist or Pro versions have that ability?


I think both do, but I don’t have Artist installed to actually check. (I do have Pro)

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