Changing Tempo and Time Signature

Is it possible to change tempo and time signature within a song? I have several songs that change tempo and time signature.

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not yet.

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very strange and cant understand how basic thinks like tempo and time signature changes are not included in the first release on a music program :face_with_diagonal_mouth:(see Cubasis too)


Technically challenging. Initially, the TRACKs module was supposed to be just an accompanying audio files playback feature (like in comparable apps) :slight_smile: Now, you can run 6 video screens simultaniously…
But we are on the case and will add tempo and time signature track playback very soon.


well personnaly i dont use any computers in my gigs/shows. old fashion playing “live” :wink:
also no videos etc… but i will look at it when the videos tutorials will come to see if i can use it and progress to the Computer Era on gigs, maybe as a keyboard player for sounds on gigs or run all music for shows.
but i guess ill see how the program advance over time and add some “key features” for my needs, when i will know what are my needs for a live gig and a computer

But where Do I set the tempo regarding to the Info on page 17 “Tempos are ser according to the current Songs´s tempo”? I use Backingtracks mp3´s and VST Live new projects are set to 120 bpm by default - how can I change that?

In the setlist, each Song has a Tempo, click to change. Time signature can be set there as well.

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Worked! Thanks

This thread is about changing these dynamically during the song. Some music will be generally in 4/4 but have bars of 2/4, 3/4 or 5/4 thrown in occasionally.

At the moment you can’t account for this and you would get awkward stutters

Also songs speed up and slow down.

Cubase handles this perfectly.

I expected everything in VSTLive to be the same as Cubase, the whole experience is nothing like Cubase though.

There’s lots of work to do to bring it up to the same level

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But VST Live is not Cubase.

I think his point, which I agree with, is you’d expect some consistency in user experience across apps from the same developer. As it is, they feel miles apart. Would be nice if Steinberg was consistent, especially with these two. Cubase users are more likely to be interested in VST Live, so it would make sense to try to make transition as seamless and consistent as possible.

Would love to see this in future versions.


There, I agree. We did take a lot of effort to acomplish that, though. However you talk about certain features that Cubase has, which VST Live not (yet) does, that’s a different story imho, not the least because VST Live heads into a different direction.
Nevertheless as said before, we are working on tempo and time signature tracks.

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Exactly! You would have thought that borrowing features from Cubase that have been around years and proven to work would be much easier from a development perspective, than building something new.

Same goes for other features in the app, i really don’t get on with the look and feel. It feels like a windows 3.1 app. What’s with the menu system dodgy icons? And the menu bar which is half in caps and half normal case. Why in some error messages does it refer to deleting “tunes” presumably they mean songs. Why does the delete key not just delete things. Why can you drop an affect into a layer and it signs it as the instrument?

So many questions….

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Right you are, fixed.

Sorry, it was meant to underline common behaviour of OBJECTS (Song, Part, Layer, Stack, Sound - all of which feature cut/copy/paste/delete/duplicate/load/save/drag/drop). Looks like not beeing perceived so well…fixed. :slight_smile:


Which view do you refer to? Also, more key commands and actions are in the making.

Also fixed.
Fix version to come very soon. Thanks for your input.

I’ve been searching for a couple of years now for a live solution for an intricate 80s cover band I direct.

I need to run percussion loops, pre-sequenced arpeggiated sequences, possibly some vsts, and I was hoping this would finally be my solution but it seems it lacks the features I need(time signature/tempo changes).

In 2022, assuming you have a powerful computer, is it safe and stable to run Cubase pro 12 live without risk of dropouts or crashes?

Is VST live meant to be a more stable solution to cubase, or is it meant to be a light version of Cubase aimed at live musicians who are NOT pro users?

tempo/timesig are in the making.

And no, this is not Cubase and doesn’t compete with it. The TRACKS part is a backing-track player with extended capabilities, but does not try to “replace” Cubase.
“meant to be more stable” - we certainly wouldn’t want to say “one of the products is less stable than the other” :slight_smile:
Stability is not about the power of a computer at all. We will always try to provide utmost stability through quality assurance, betatesting, and examining user reports, best we can.

The beauty of VST Live is that it can be used by the singer/songwriter just as well as for running massive live shows, so no, it is by no means restricted to “NOT pro users”. Top 40 and cover bands of all sorts, single entertainers…all should be fine with VST Live, whether one uses tracks or metronome or not.

thanks for the reply. But to clarify, is it advisable these days to use cubase pro in a live scenario?

“Advisable”? Personally, I don’t think it is so much of what software you use, but how good you have been testing and securing it from changes. Never go on stage without a system and software version that you have tested 20 times w/o problems, and that system should have been disconnected from the net during that time. Your mileage may vary :slight_smile:

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I would if it made sense. I rehearse with Nuendo all the time and it’s solid. I’d use it live to track a gig in a second. Although, the latency could mean a different strategy than what I’m seeing with VST Live which seems to be really light-weight - although I’m not loading it up with plugins either.

But Cubase/Nuendo has none of the “Live” oriented features like the mobile app, light control, etc. Hoping this comes together to meet its potential.

Hey musicullum, just want to give you & Steinberg a :+1: for being on the case with respect to adding tempo and time signature track playback.

Agree that for just audio file playback it would not be necessary at first glance (But then what do you do if your audio file has tempo/time signature changes and you’re trying to add lyrics to the odd time signature? Guess you could map it as “4 against x” but musically it would be easier to have matching tempo/signatures.).

However, with MIDI tracks that changes the game a bit. I’ve personally been using Bitwig Studio and my Aurtura Keylab MKii pads to trigger MIDI bits as needed during live performance, and since they’re in a DAW I can automate signature and tempo changes easily.

I’d love to keep Bitwig (and Cubase and Cakewalk and Ableton) as workstations and move all of my live performance support to VST Live. Thanks for listening to your users - I so badly want this to be my one and only live performance VST host (and then some!)