Changing Tempo for 20 audio tracks

Hi, I’ve got a song with 20 audio tracks that is playing too slow. I want to speed up the song by a few bpm’s. I’ve tried to go into pool and mark all tracks to “musical”, set up a Tempo track, and play around with the tempo.

Result: I can get the song to change tempo but the sound quality is poor. Whether I bump the BPM up 1 beat or 50, it still plays choppy and low quality.

I noticed that in the pool , all my original tracks recorded are at 64 bpm but all bounced down stereo tracks show bpm’s of 120, 120.45, etc inside the pool. I’m not sure why they would show a higher bpm when they play right in time with the rest of the song. I went into the pool and made sure all BPM’s were changed to the original 64 bpms. When in musical mode, the song plays in time but the sound quality is noticably poor even if I increase bpm to 65. As soon as I take it out of musical mode the sound quality comes back.
Also… I can take a stereo mixed down track and get the same results.

Any Ideas?

If you do less tracks (maybe starting with one at a time) do you get the same artifact?

Yes, I took just 1 stereo mix down and still got the degraded sound quality.

Are the tracks using the new Elastique Pro algorithm (in the pool)?

I’ll check on the Elastique Pro algorithm. I’m actually using Cubase 5. Does C5 have Elastique?

No, and the time stretch algorithm in C5 was pretty awful.

“1-bpm change processing on just one track sounds like carp” awful?

I came from SX3, and even that wasn’t that bad!

In comparison, you’ll find the timestretching in Cubase 6 stunning :wink:.

I came from SX-3 too. Try an exposed acoustic guitar in SX-3 sometime. Move it 5 bpm.
If it works for you, we have different standards of acceptability.