Changing tempo is misaligning time-warped sync

I’m having an issue scoring a video. I’ve already written most of the music, but would like to change the tempo of the opening few bars, but keeping everything else (markers, time signatures, time warp event) all aligned. The issue I’m having is that by changing the tempo near the start of the video, the video becomes misaligned with my markers/time signatures/audio events.

I think an example is best to explain:
At bar 1: marker 1, tempo 122, time sig 4/4, video start.
At bar 7: marker 2, tempo 119, time sig 3/4, video hitpoint.

I’ve used time warp to lock [marker 2/time sig/audio] with bar 7, and I want the audio to remain in musical timebase so it sticks to the [marker/time sig/tempo event] and starts on the bar. What I want to do is increase the tempo at bar 1 from 122 to 140-ish. In doing so, this, of course, moves the video hitpoint away from the other elements (which correctly stay aligned with each other).

Now that makes sense, but I can’t figure out how to quickly re-align them all. I tried using the ‘insert bar’ feature, but it only gets them somewhat all close, and only after trial and error.

When searching, I could only find solutions regarding linear timebase, so surely I must be missing something obvious?

Hi did you ever figure out your issue? I"m having similar problems with Time Warp and video. Thx Jeff