Changing tempo of MIDI events?

If I have 1 MIDI track, that has some note on data:


I’m looking for a MIDI function (or similar) that will transform the mentioned MIDI track into:


The first MIDI track contains MIDI as it would be played if the performer’s metronome was set to 60BPM.
The second MIDI track contains MIDI as it would be played if the performer’s metronome tempo was doubled (120BPM).

I know how to use the tempo track, but it modifies the tempo of all tracks in the project. Thus far, toggling the “musical/linear switch” in the track inspector doesn’t appear to make any change to my MIDI or even how it’s played back.

I imagine that a simple time-stretching MIDI function would do all I need at this point. I don’t really need to change the whole project’s tempo, rather I’d just like a nice smooth deceleration in speed of playback for a given track.

Is this possible? If so, how do I do it?

EDIT: This is obviously possible to do manually, but I have a pretty hefty set of MIDI to work with and it’s actually quicker to just figure this out.

Some of the factory presets for midi Logical editor do just that.
I think they’re called half tempo and double tempo.

Or you could change the select tool to sizing applies time stretch and resize the midi part in project window.

You have to toggle from Musical Timebase to Linear Timebase before you change the tempo, in order for the MIDI events to lock to the new tempo.
In other words…
Your first MIDI track (the one that was recorded at 60 BPM), switch it to Linear Timebase, then change the tempo to 120 BPM. The music will still sound the same, but will now look like your 2nd example.
Misohoza’s recommendation to use the “Sizing applies Time Stretch” option is good also :wink:.