Changing tempo of one track

Im really new to cubase so sorry for the noob question but i have one track in cubase that is playing at a certain tempo and then when i add in another track it plays in the same tempo. How can i have individual tempos for each track?


Hi benbrown81, it s easy, just go to project/add track/and the third one from the bottom is a time track
Then when ever your second track start just change the time in there drawing with the mouse
Hope that help

Are these Audio events, or MIDI events?

  1. MIDI events…
    Each track has a button which toggles between Musical Timebase (the button looks like a “quarter-note”) and Linear Timebase (the button changes to a “clock”). When in Musical Timebase, if you change the tempo in Cubase, it will change the tempo of the MIDI, but in Linear Timebase, the MIDI will not change what is heard (but that means, of course, that it will no longer correspond with the bars and beats in Cubase)
  2. Audio Events…
    Same as above, except that, if you do want the audio to change tempo when Cubase’s tempo is changed, then you have to also activate “Musical Mode” in the Audio Pool, for that audio clip.
    if you want two tracks with different tempo, first get the first track playing the way you want (in Musical Timebase), then switch it to Linear Timebase, so that you can then adjust the tempo of the 2nd track (in its Musical Timebase).
    So, yes, that does mean that the first track no longer corresponds with the tempo as observed in the Transport Bar, but that’s the best we get, I’m afraid (because there is really only one actual Cubase Tempo at a given song position).