Changing tempo two tracks

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I’m brand new to Cubase Pro 9. Suppose two instrument tracks A-B. A has tempo 152 and B 76. How can I have track A transposed to 76 ?

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It’s not possible to have two instrument tracks running at different tempos as they always follow the project tempo.

Can you clarify what you mean…are these audio samples?
Or is it midi data played at half/double time you want to adjust?

I’ve used Logical Editor for this - to stretch a clip as it were recorded in another tempo than current.

I think there is one preset to modify that do two times, but any factor works, decimals etc.
What you do is change length and postion of midi events.

There is another helper if even 2 or 4 times, don’t remember what Cubase call it. Beat or tempo something…dialog

Hi Grim,

Thanks for your reply. It’s two midi drum tracks with one plays at double time. It’s this later one I would like to adjust.

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Hi Lariso,

Thanks for your reply. I will ave a look at Logical Editor. I was previously using Audition. It was pretty easy to change the tempo of a clip without changing other clips in the session.

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OK…so you can just select the “sizing applies timestretch” tool from toolbar (click on the arrow) and then drag the part to the correct length. (Use snap to the grid if required)

I should have known there is a simpler way, thank you. Absolute brilliant.

Hi again Grim,

This do exactly what I was looking for! It works perfectly!

One million of thanks!