Changing text, crash, crash log attached

I started a file in version 1, and have been working on it slowly through the years. Today I decided that things might work best if I copy from the original file to a new file started Dorico 5.

Some of the text has copied over with incorrect/non existence formatting for the new file. I tried to edit the text, and when I click out of the text area, Dorico 5 Pro crashes. I am attaching the Diagnostics File.


Dorico (534.9 KB)

Just wondering… Why copy, when you can import flows?

In case it’s of interest to anybody else, Robby sent me his project. Somehow it had turned out that many of the text items in the project relied upon a user library paragraph style that was no longer present in the project itself (and presumably also not in the user library either), and as such Dorico was unable to safely draw or edit the text. I’ve added a fix-up step to guard against this happening in future, and sent a fixed-up version of the project back to Robby so he can keep working in the meantime.



That is a great question. The original file was started under version 1.0. I have worked on it very little over the years. When divisi for section players was implemented, I tried using it. There were some minor issues and I shared the file with the development team. I was informed that there was a small issue that would be fixed in an upcoming update. Needless to say, the file always seemed a little slow compared to other larger documents. So I decided to try and redo a file from scratch, just copying and pasting the notes from one to the other.

I didn’t think once about importing flows, as that would probably be the most easiest way to do things.

Daniel, thanks as always for the wonderful work.


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