Changing Text Fonts (Dorico Font Utilities)

Finale music notation software allows to change text font by searching for the used font and replace it with the one you want to use. It would be great to have a similar feature like in the description below:


The Engrave menu gives one the oportunity to change everything from the Default (text) font to individual paragraph styles. I would think that would be what you are looking for.

I know, but my request is to seek a font wherever it’s used and swap it with another.

I’d like this too. Maybe if the Font Styles settings got moved to the Paragraph Styles settings this would be unnecessary as the user could just change the font parent hierarchy to accomplish this.

One area where this keeps cropping up for me is with Playback Templates. There’s not an easy way to view the font settings saved in some third-party Playback Templates, but loading a playback template, such as BBCSO or VSL SE, will change many of your Font Styles to Academico unless you are using it already. This will come as a surprise to many users who wouldn’t expect a Play mode operation to affect an Engrave mode setting, but it does. I think most will switch back when you change the Default Text Font, but a one-click setting to make sure that all the fonts used in the project are correct would be useful.

Dorico could certainly use a Find and Replace utility; and it could use improved font style handling. Whether the two should be the same thing, is another question.

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